Advanced Kickboxing

Skills learned in fundamentals and mixed-level classes are put to the test in dynamic partner drills and sparring. Designed for those with at least a few months experience.
Required Equipment: Bag gloves, hand wraps, shin guards, sparring gloves, mouth guard, groin cup and supporter


BJJ for MMA is grappling designed for MMA competition and/or real life scenarios. Heavier focus on position control and both the offensive and defensive skills regarding “ground and pound.” Open to all skill levels, designed for those with at least a few months experience.
Required Equipment: Mouth guard, groin cup and supporter, MMA sparring gloves, Bag gloves

Cardio Kickboxing

Want to train like a fighter, or switch up your work out? Fighting fitness builds on your functional strength to train like a warrior utilizing cardio kickboxing and various fitness drills to help you beat your worst opponent: yourself!
Required Equipment: Bag gloves
Recommended Equipment: hand wraps

Circuit Training

Relationships are formed when people share the same adversity. That’s why we’re going to kick your butt in group circuit training. Find your fitness community and build accountability energizing circuits that are custom tailored for maximum fun!


H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods, until exhaustion. Circuit based; 1 Minute On & 15 Sec Off.

Fighter Only Training

Drills and sparring for advanced students and/or those interested in competing. 

Grappling Mixed Level

Mixed-level grappling works on wrestling, no gi Brazilian jujitsu, and sambo submission wrestling techniques. This class is for all skill levels. Grappling can Improve flexibility, fitness, strength, and general physical conditioning. It also improves self-confidence and teaches protection skills.
Required Equipment: Mouth guard, groin cup and supporter
Recommended Equipment: MMA Sparring gloves, compression shirts/rashguards

Hero Martial Arts

Youth martial arts for ages 6-12, this class blends the lessons of the Hero Martial Arts program which includes striking, grappling, and character building all through skills, drills, and gameplay. Children in the martial arts learn discipline, focus, coordination, balance, and self-confidence.
Required Equipment: Sparring pads (Hand, foot, shin, and head gear), mouth guard, cup and groin supporter. (no uniform required)


Striking Fundamentals teaches you the basics you need to begin your kickboxing journey. Learn proper stance, balance, punches, and basic combinations and conditioning. Kickboxing is a great workout that helps reduce stress as you can punch and kick in the proper settings you can’t in every day life! Striking fundamentals improves flexibility, coordination, and cardiovascular function.
Required Equipment: Bag gloves, hand wraps
Recommended Equipment: mouth guard, shin guards, sparring gloves

MMA Fundamentals

Want to work out like some of your favorite fighters? MMA Fundamentals teaches you the basic skills needed in all areas to start your journey. Learn basic strikes, takedowns, positions and submission skills along with cardiovascular exercises!
Required Equipment: Mouth guard, MMA sparring gloves, shin guards, groin cup and supporter

MMA Mixed Level

Built on MMA fundamentals, MMA mixed level drills the transitions that are integral to competition. Learn how to blend your striking, clinch and ground fighting so your offense and defense is seamless in these partner drills and conditional sparrings!
Required Equipment: Mouth guard, MMA sparring gloves, shin guards, groin cup and supporter


Evolution for ages 60 and up. H.I.I.T. (High intensity interval training) Circuit based; 1 Minute on & 15 Sec off, along with static stretching.

Small Group

Basic principles of weight training/strength training. Great for toning, losing excess fat and building muscle. Two lifts at a time followed by 1 minute of anaerobic exercise and functional core.

Sports Performance

Athlete training – Basic speed and agility. Sports performance training is training of the body and mind to prepare the athlete for the rigors of a specific sport. The athlete is conditioned and prepared properly to compete in their sport of choice, rather than broader general fitness.


Tai Chi is an ancient martial art originating in China and an effective exercise for the health of mind and body. It has great depths of skill but is easy to learn and delivers health benefits to all practitioners including: increased flexibility, strength, stress reduction, lowered blood pressure, better body posture and integration of body mind and spirit. This form taught in this class is based on Chen, Yang, Wu and Sun styles.
Required Equipment: None!