At Evolve Fitness and Training Gym, there are NO registration or joining fees! Every membership level includes 24-hour access to the gym, 365 days a year. Plus, we have memberships for the whole family! Click here to jump to kids membership options.
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Not into classes? Prefer to work out solo? Our basic membership is for you. You'll get 24-hour access to our gym every day of the year.
woman in a gym working out



Want to try a few classes? With our Limited membership, you get gym access, but with the ability to attend 1-3 classes per week.
row of dumbells on a rack


Attend 4-5 classes per week along with 24-hour access to the gym 365 days a year.
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Small group, sports training, interval to choose? With our VIP membership, you won't have to. You'll get access to 6 or more classes per week plus the 24/365 standard Evolve benefits.
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Kids Memberships

Sports Performance

Get a jump on the competition with our sports performance membership. MVP, here you come! Ages 5 to 18.

Kids Unlimited

It's the unlimited experience, but for kids.

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